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My name is Gabriel Gual (Biel), I have a PhD in Physiotherapy and I am specialized in injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system.
On this site I am presenting my services as a physiotherapist (USA: physical therapist). I am specialized in athletes and people with physical activity and sports related injuries. My office is located in Palma (Mallorca) where I offer treatments aimed to aid the recovery process of acute injuries, optimal treatments for chronic injuries, and programs addressed to reduce the risk of injury.
Sessions are initiated with a specific examination of the injury with the aim of being able to select the best treatment approach to the problem. Regarding to the treatments, I combine a first phase of active therapy where patients execute specific therapeutic exercises and a second one of passive therapies where patients receive different techniques of physiotherapy. The goal deals with boosting the physiological recovery process after an injury. Besides, patients receive a specific physical activity program aimed at restoring the function of the affected region and decreasing the risk of re-injuries. The aim of this method lies in being able to identify the affectation/s the patient is suffering from and, afterwards, treat them appropriately, either if they are acute or chronic injuries.